25 OCTOBER 2018
9 am – 5:30 pm


The Vlerick Healthcare Conference has become the annual reference in the field taking into account a total healthcare ecosystem perspective. Broaden your network in an inspiring blend of interactive sessions and keynote presentations by top speakers. The Vlerick Healthcare Conference is a must for all professionals active in healthcare and the life sciences, and everyone simply looking to stay on top of the most important trends in the field.

Many people today think about their health only during those times when it fails them. But this approach will not support long-term healthy outcomes. So, this year’s Vlerick Healthcare Conference will take an interdisciplinary perspective towards predictive and preventive models in healthcare.


*Please note: this year’s Vlerick Healthcare Conference will take place at the AG Insurance Conference Center! To stretch your legs after the car ride, we would like to advise you to use the Manhattan parking, which is a comfortable 5-minute walk from the conference center.




More info: https://www.vlerick.com/en/programmes/management-programmes/special-industries-healthcare-management/vlerick-healthcare-conference